“Albania to open negotiations during the EU Bulgarian presidency”

President Ilir Meta received in a meeting Vice President of Bulgaria Iliana Iotova, with whom he talked about Albania’s membership in the European Union.

President Meta welcomed Mrs. Iotova’s visit to Albania and, appreciating the very good traditional and historic relations, expressed his gratitude for Bulgaria’s continued support in the European integration process of Albania and other Western Balkan countries.

Considering the European integration process a powerful stimulating force for comprehensive reforms in the country, President Meta voiced confidence that during the upcoming EU Presidency of the EU, Albania could open accession negotiations.

President Meta also stressed the necessity of the most rapid visa liberalization between the EU and Kosovo.

Both interlocutors shared the same view on the need for greater attention from both countries for the revitalization of economic and trade cooperation, particularly in the context of energy interconnection and the 8th multi-modal corridor.

Mrs Iotova assured President Meta that Albania and the Western Balkans region will have special attention during the Bulgarian Presidency, to once again bring the EU’s attention to this region and the enlargement process.

“First of all, it is a pleasure to meet with the Vice President of Bulgaria, because Bulgaria represents a traditional friend of our nation. And of course we are very happy that Bulgaria will receive the European Union Presidency. This is very positive for Albania and for the Balkans in general because Bulgaria is a member of the European Union for a long time, but it is also a country that recognizes the Balkans and has seen our experiences in the past.

We believe that during its EU presidency Bulgaria will do its best to promote the European agenda of our countries.

The Albanian Parliament has already adopted new minority-related legislation, reflecting some of the concerns raised by the Bulgarian authorities in the past. It is a legislation that shows Albania’s will to be an open country, a tolerant country, a European country. We also hope it is a positive step forward in this direction,” President Meta said./tvklan.al 

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