Albanian opposition confirms June 18 election’s boycott

Albanian opposition confirmed Monday the boycott of the upcoming general elections scheduled to be held on June 18.

The boycott confirmation comes on the day that the deadline to be registered at the Central Elections Commission expires.

The Democratic Party led opposition said in a statement that coalition parties will not be registered at the commission for the general elections, until an agreement would be reached with the ruling coalition to form a caretaker government as a guarantor for free and fair elections.

“The opposition coalition also decided to hold a huge national protest in Kavaja city on May 7th,” the statement said. On May 7th, Kavaja municipality is scheduled to hold snap local elections to elect the new mayor of the city. Elvis Roshi, of Socialist Party, was dismissed from the post for failing to correctly declare his criminal record.

The Democratic Party has declared the boycott of Kavaja elections and is set to boycott the national general elections of the June 18.

The Democratic Party led opposition is protesting in a tent set outside of the government building since Feb. 18, and has vowed to remain out of the parliament until Prime Minister Edi Rama, who its says is linked with organized crime, will resign in favor of a caretaker government as a guarantee for free and fair elections in the country. /

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