Albanian police seizes 12 tons of cannabis

Albanian police seized on Saturday about 12 tons of cannabis in Permet, southern Albania, in the biggest operation of the latest months.

The police said in a statement that 11.650 kilograms of dried Cannabis Sativa were found at an abandoned depot in Permet. The drug was packed in plastic sacks. Përmet is a municipality in Gjirokastër County, some 200 kilometers south of Albanian capital Tirana.

The police forces have arrested in flagrance two administrators of these depots and has issued an arrest warrant for the third administrator.

The police have also arrested the headman of the Pagri village. Prosecutors are investigating whether the police whether there was any implication of the police forces in the drug traffic.

This was the latest police crackdown against drug cultivation and trafficking across the country, where tons of Cannabis Sativa are being seized almost every week.

The Freedom House said in its latest report published last week that “Despite police raids and crackdowns in Albania, financiers and traffickers managed to extend their cannabis plantations across the country, taking advantage of poor farmers and corrupt state officials.”

Albanian traffickers are pouring the drugs in the European marked mostly by shipping it towards Italy and Greece, two EU countries./

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