Albanian president approves cabinet changes

Albanian president, Bujar Nishani, signed Monday the decrees approving cabinet changes.

He signed the decrees to dismiss four ministers and to appoint four new ministers. According to the changes proposed by Prime Minister Edi Rama, Fatmir Xhafaj will replace Saimir Tahiri at the post of Interior Minister; Olta Xhaçka will replace Blendi Klosi at the Minister of Youth and Social Welfare; Ogerta Manastirliu will replace Ilir Beqja as Health Minister and Eduart Shalsi will replace Bledi Cuci at the post of Minister of State for Local Government.

A day earlier in a news conference, President Nishani said he found “inappropriate” the candidate for the post of Interior Minister, but Albanian constitution does not grant him the right to refuse PM’s proposals as far as the candidates are MPs.

Fatmir Xhafaj was publicly accused for tortures during communist era, but the minister nominee refuted claims as “false” and “fabricated”. 


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