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Basha discusses EU integration with EPP President Daul

Democratic Party Chairman Lulzim Basha met in Brussels with President of the European People’s Party Joseph Daul. The difficult position in which the government has put Albania on and its European integration was the main topic of the meeting.

The opposition leader shared with the President of the EPP, the concern that the political defense, through parliamentary immunity, of former Interior Minister Tahiri, accused of international drug trafficking, police failure to arrest three former senior leaders for the same drug file , as well as the attempt to appoint a General Prosecutor only with SP votes, are government actions to obstruct justice and undermine the country’s chances of European integration.

President Daul also talked about the concerns of many EU member states in terms of the steps that our country should take against organized crime and corruption. Results in the fight against crime, drugs and corruption are considered as unsurpassed conditions for Albania’s European integration.

Democratic Party’s leader said that the best interest of Albanians is the start of EU membership talks. The threat and the main obstacle remains the criminalization of the country’s politics and economy.

In order to advance the country’s European project, the opposition has set as a political solution the creation of an anti-mafia government that will break the ties of crime with politics, prepare a real electoral reform and lead the country successfully to a legitimate government through elections inexpensive and honest.

President Basha thanked EPP President Joseph Daul as one of Europe’s first voices denouncing the criminalization and phenomenon of cannabis in Albania. President Daul guaranteed Lulzim Basha full support of the Democratic Party’s DPP as a ruling alternative./ 

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