Thaci says there is no turning back: Kosovo army will be formed

Kosovo president Hashim Thaci said there is no turning back from the decision to transform the Kosovo Security Force into regular army.

Thaci said that the international community’s demand to change the constitution first and then establish the army is not possible for the time that Serbian representatives at the Kosovo parliament are ‘are used only as cards for the nationalization of the authorities in Belgrade.”

Even though the Serbian representatives are not expected to vote the law that will enable the transformation of Kosovo Security Force into Army, Thaci said that the army law is expected to be voted by more MPs than Kosovo’s independence back in 2008.

“We have had 109 signatures on the Declaration of Independence of Kosovo. I believe that we will have 110 MPs of Assembly of Kosova who will fully support the establishment of the Army of Kosovo”, Thaci said in a joint discussion with the students of the UBT College in Prishtina. 

The President said that “we cannot become neither members of NATO nor any other mechanism, not even start the process of partnership for peace, without establishing the Army.”
In a joint discussion with the students of the UBT College, President Thaçi has spoken about the process of the visa liberalization for the citizens of Kosovo, but also about the Association of Serb-majority municipalities and the Demarcation agreement with Montenegro. 

 “While respecting the Constitution of Kosovo, the laws in force, the right of an independent and sovereign state, I have initiated these days the draft law in full accordance with the procedures, the rules of procedure of the Assembly, namely the draft law on the establishment of the Kosovo Army or the transformation of the Kosovo Security Force from a civil mission into a military mission”, said President Thaçi./



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