Albania hosts 20 immigrants from the blocked ship in Italy

Albania hosts 20 immigrants from the blocked ship in Italy

18:13 25/08/2018

Albania has sheltered 20 emigrants blocked in Catania Harbour, Italy since August 20.

Their disembarkation ended Saturday and Sunday in Catania Harbor after the agreement reached by the Italian authorities with the Albanian government, the Irish government and the Catholic church.

Under the agreement, 20 immigrants will be sheltered in Albania, another 20 in Ireland, and the remaining 100 will be kept under the auspices of the Catholic Church and Vatican authorities.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte expressed gratitude to Albania and the other two authorities in particular, through a Facebook status.

Italy roughened policies for immigrants, mainly from African countries entering its territory through Mediterranean waters. The new euroskeptic government of the 5-star Movement and the Lega Nord demands that the burden of shelter of hundreds of thousands of immigrants from poor countries of the world not only fall under Italy under Schengen rules, but they are distributed fairly among European countries./ 

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