Basha: Political vetting, Rama to vote the law

Basha: Political vetting, Rama to vote the law

16:16 07/09/2018

The Democrats submitted to the Parliament the initiative for constitutional changes that pave the way to the political vetting. Lulzim Basha, as the initiator of this amendment, spoke of the necessity of disconnecting “Edi Rama’s ties with the crime”.

“The law was once negotiated, the same as the status of judges and prosecutors. There is nothing left to negotiate. It will be either voted or ditched. Rama should not use this proposal to make propaganda”.

The opposition has not decided yet whether they will continue boycotting the parliament sessions.

“We are making laws. The opposition in five days from the start of the session has passed laws in Parliament. We have proposed the policy of crime-related policy-making; we do not want to boycott the Assembly. We want to cleanse it right away”,

Basha said


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