“Channel 4” reportage for the Iranian Mujaheddin camp

“Channel 4” reportage for the Iranian Mujaheddin camp

17:50 09/09/2018

Iranian mujaheddin living in Tirana, opponents of Tehran regime, have been the topic of a reportage from British television channel “Channel 4”.

British journalists went to the Maminas camp, most of which is still under construction. Reportage shows that they are too hermetic and not accessible from the journalists , accusing them of terrorists and agents of the Ayatollah regime.

“President Trump sees the Iran as America’s biggest enemy. And before assuming office, his National Security Advisor John Bolton said US policy should be regime change in Iran.

He and other Trump advisers have long touted a shadowy exiled cult as an alternative to the Iranian government. The Mujahedin-e-Khalq (MEK) has had a very active propaganda

wing for years, but now they have influence at the highest level. They also have a secretive camp in Albania, 30km from the capital, Tirana”, 

“Channel 4” writes





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