The Democratic Party presented this Monday anti-mafia measures to liberate the economy from corruption and the oligarchy. The DP’s alternative is to seize the public property obtained under contracts in violation of the law.

“We have denounced these affairs one by one. What we are going to do today is more than a denunciation, we will present to you today the anti-mafia platform for the liberation of the economy, which briefly and simply considers and proposes the legal and institutional mechanism for the identification, verification, seizure and confiscation of property of persons private and public officials involved in corrupt affairs, whether these PPPs, tenders, concessions, permits or licenses”,

Democratic Party chairman Lulzim Basha said.

“Like organized crime and organized crime assets, all those who profitably corrupt Albanian taxpayers’ money will be subject to the same mechanism, which consists of two parts, first the burden of proof will be with the subjects of the law and not with the state. It will belong to those who have become parties to these corrupt affairs to prove their innocence and the legality of their assets, and secondly, making it possible, regardless of the criminal justice process, to make the assets thus subject to the process of check-seizure-forfeiture”.

Basha said these are the drastic measures for a time of dramatic challenges for the country.

“Without stopping this evil and without bringing back the Albanians money and assets stolen everyday by a government that is committed to crime, entrepreneurship will not see any white days, nor can Albanian citizens emerge from the spiral of the evil that has gripped them”.