German Ambassador: We want concrete results from vetting

German Ambassador Susanne Schütz from Shkodra city said vetting is proceeding in a positive way, but concrete results are needed.

“All vacancies to be occupied as soon as possible. Germany is committed to Albania to join the EU”, said the ambassador.

She said that “we would have wanted to open negotiations in June, but Albania should do more for the 5 priorities in particular for organized crime.”

“Albania has made improvements in the fight against crime, but it has to do more”, the German Ambassador added.

“Vetting is proceeding in a positive way, it has brought the first successes, but which should continue and in the future to deliver concrete results, it is important to develop independently and all vacancies to be occupied as soon as possible in particular with the functioning of the Constitutional Court.

Germany continues to be committed to making Albania progress on its path to the EU. We would like to have made a decision in June, but Germany considers there are a number of things to be done, until it comes to this decision as the 5 key priorities and the fight against crime and corruption”./ 

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