Haradinaj: The borders are changed only by war

Haradinaj: The borders are changed only by war

16:25 20/09/2018

Ramush Haradinaj is completely against the exchange of territories between Kosovo and Serbia. In an interview for the Opinion talk show at Klan TV , the Kosovo prime minister says the border is set by war and a possible change would provoke another conflict.

For Haradinaj, President Thaçi’s idea of correcting the border is a counter-rhetoric against Belgrade.

The head of Kosovo government announced the lifting of Kosovo-Albania barriers, a decision he said he had discussed with Prime Minister Rama.

Haradinaj also touched on the issue of Kosovo’s low number of fugitives this year on Albanian beaches, saying that there was a media campaign in Kosovo for not visiting the Albanian coast./tvklan.al 

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