If Serbia seperates the North, Kosovo must join Albania, MP says

If Serbia seperates the North, Kosovo must join Albania, MP says

15:29 26/01/2017

An Albanian MP said Thursday that if the north is separated from the country, than Kosovo must join Albania.

Ben Blushi, the leader of Libra Party, said that Albania must make it clear to Serbs and the international community that the separation of Kosovo at north would have consequences as for border changes in Balkans.

“If Kosovo gets divided at the north, than the consequence would be the unification of Kosovo with Albania. That is the only reasonable consequence if that happens. The Unification of Kosovo with Albania is the only reasonable consequence,” Blushi said.

He warned that “this would not be a Greater Albania but a new Albania, which was not requested by Albanians but provoked by the others (Serbia).”

Former Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha reacted to Blushi saying that the unification of Kosovo with Albania would not be enough if Serbia manages to separate the Serbian populated northern region from Kosovo.

“Absolutely not, all Albanian populated territories wherever they are should be unified.”

“We accept the international law, we accept the peace, but if we enter in such spirals, Albanians must do everything they can to unify their territories,” Berisha, who has ruled Albania as President from ’92 to ’97 and as Prime Minister from 2005 to 2013.

The tension remains high in Kosovo, where authorities accuse Serbia of arming Serbs and aiming to implement Russia’s Crimea scenario to separate the north from Kosovo and make it part of Serbia. 

That move can lead to a new wave of border changes in Balkans, Albanian MPs warn, as there are Albanian territories in Macedonia, Montenegro ans Serbia, which would request that alongside Kosovo to unify with Albania. 


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