Kosovo President speaks on “border correction” with Serbia

Kosovo President speaks on “border correction” with Serbia

16:38 05/09/2018

Kosovo president, Hashim Thaci, has given additional explanations regarding recent developments related to what he calls border correction.

“Mutual recognition can be followed by border correction between Kosovo and Serbia, so there will be no division of Kosovo, there will be no disconnection in the northern part of Kosovo, there will be no Serb Republic in Kosovo and under no circumstances we will talk about the Gazivoda Lake”

, Thaçi declared.

“First of all, we are aiming for a lasting permanent agreement with Serbia and not a transitional one that pushes things for several years. Secondly, it is the formal mutual recognition between Kosovo and Serbia, and thirdly, we intend that through recognition we will be able to become a member of the United Nations, NATO, etc.

This process would mark the end of a long conflict between Kosovo and Serbia and not the beginning of a new conflict. War time is over.

The end of the conflict will be determined by setting a clear border. Such an agreement between Kosovo and Serbia will be a contribution to peace and stability for this part of the Balkan


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