Kukës Airport will operate as “low cost”

Kukës Airport will operate as “low cost”

19:30 12/07/2018

Kukës Airport will undergo a full reconstruction before being put into operation. Klan Television has managed to secure the bid made by the merger of companies “Kastrati sh.a & T.M.D Systems LTD”, which pledge an investment worth 6.8m euros.

All new aerodrome additions and parameters will be constructed to meet the “low cost” standards, which is expected to significantly reduce the cost of air transport in Albania, where ticket prices are among the highest in the region. The aircraft that will operate will have 180-189 seats, such as Airbus 319, 320 or Boeing737 / 700-900.

The concession will last for 35 years and will include the extension of the runway, the construction of the fuel supply point of the aircraft, which today does not exist, the modernization of the lighting system but also the expansion from 600 to 3200 square meters of airport terminals. The concessionaire has undertaken to expand the aircraft parking lot as well as the construction and expansion of two parking lots of vehicles. Along with the investment made so far by the United Arab Emirates, the value invested in this work will amount to 24 million euros.

The day before, the government rewarded with 8% of the unsolicited Bonus points awarded by the company “Kastrati and T.M.D Systems”, in the coming days is expected to open a tender where other contestants will be participating in the competition. If the procedures are done within the legal deadline, the Kukës airport will be ready for operation in early 2020, while the Vlora airport will be constructed with it, while another study offer for construction of another in Saranda./tvklan.al 

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