The Democratic Party’s proposal for political vetting is being discussed this Friday by the Legislative Council and the Laws Commission.

The Democratic Party through MPs Oerd Bylykbashi and Enkelejd Alibeaj said special treatment for politicians can’t be continued anymore.

“Our proposal is quite simple: vetting the same legal form as for prosecutors, judges, and police. Special treatment for politicians cannot continue anymore! This country will learn to treat everyone equally. This is the principle  provided by the Constitution! “

DP said this is not the moment for technical details, but the main principles to be considered are these:

“1. It will be a completely independent and unrelated process and not related with the justice vetting. 2. It will be a much simpler and clearer model, close to the model used for decriminalization. 3. Will be carried out by a structure of professionals completely independent of politics. 4. There can be no parliamentary structure, much less a structure composed of party representatives: it would be absurd and ridiculing: politicians will be subject to vetting and not vetting enforcement. 5. There will be international oversight”./