The murder of a 21-year-old student, one day earlier in the capital Tirana, has affected the public, but not only. For the serious incident there was also a reaction by the Minister of Justice, Etilda Gjonaj, who calls for protection and support for women.

“Tragic! A girl’s life was cut in the middle by the man’s bloody hand! Ariela Murati, a student of the Faculty of Law, another victim of violence in Albanian society. All together, to protect and support every woman in a situation of violence”,

Gjonaj posted on Tweeter.

Refusing to have a love story with the 23-year-old Aldison Belulaj led the latter to shoot 21-year-old student from Fier, who was in the third year of her studies at the Faculty of Law. Later, Belulaj shot himself remaining seriously injured. The serious incident took place around 14:50, near the Faculty of Medicine, in Dibra Street, area in which Ariela Murati was a resident./