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Tirana among 10 top destinations to be visited

Tirana has been considered by foreign media as a top tourist destination where you can spend the weekend. “Daily Mail” recommended the Albanian capital among the 10 destinations to be visited.

“Another perhaps less-than-likely weekend break destination, Albania’s capital suits those with an adventurous streak. As well as visiting the historical museums and taking a walking tour along Bulevardi Deshmoret with its communist-era buildings, a trip to Bunk’Art is recommended. This is a contemporary art and modern history museum housed in a former Cold War bunker. At Skanderbeg Square in the centre you’ll find the opera house”, Daily Mail reads.

Pazari i Ri, remains an attraction that foreign media continue to recommend to visit day and night.

Together with the capital, the other countries on the list are Dole in France, Kosice in Slovakia, Aarhus in Denmark, Warsaw in Poland, Rovaniemi in Finland, Lviv in Ukraine, Bari in Italy, Bourgas in Bulgaria and Izmir in Turkey./tvklan.al

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