Thaci defies NATO, US: Kosovo united on the establishment of the army

Kosovo President defied NATO and U.S. saying that Kosovo is not making any sudden step, unilateral or uncoordinated action, or unlawful and unconstitutional action.

The statement came hours after NATO Secretary General and the U.S. Embassy in Pristine voiced their concern on the transformation of Kosovo Security Force to a regular army, without amending the constitution of the country, which means taking the approve of Serbian minority in the Kosovo.

“We are not doing anything that could be considered a threat to peace and safety in Kosovo or in the region,” Thaci said, adding that “This constitutional and legal obligation was not challenged nor can be challenged by none of our Western partners, including NATO and its member states.”
Kosovo Presidnet siad that this essential constitutional and legal act was opposed and continues to be opposed only by Serbia, claiming that the establishment of the Kosovo Army is a threat to peace and safety in the region.

“Serbia constantly says such a thing as part of its propaganda against the state of Kosovo, while at the same time, with a nationalist pride, fills its airspace with MIG aircrafts donated by Russia.”

Thaci said that “the only threat to peace in our region is the increased impact of Russia’s role in the region and the number of MIG aircrafts in Serbia’s airspace.”

Thaci said he expects NATO to be aware of these specific risks and not to worry about advancing the role of KSF, knowing that KSF was strengthened and trained by NATO and the member states of NATO.

“I said this as a direct response to concerns that have been raised today by the Secretary of NATO, the Quint states and the United States of America.
He said that the major remark of the Secretary of NATO during the today’s phone conversation was under the pretext that NATO considers our legal initiative to change the mission and duties of the KSF as a unilateral act.

“This does not stand, since for three years we have tried to coordinate this action with parliamentarians of the Serb community living in Kosovo, but they have made it clear that they would never vote in favour of the constitutional amendments allowing the establishment of the Kosovo Army. If the Secretary of NATO considers our initiative as unilateral because Serbia does not agree with our actions, then I consider this as completely unacceptable, because the Kosovo’s fate and the fate of our army cannot be held hostage to the will of Serbia, under no circumstance and for no price,” Thaci said./

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