Albania’s coach vows to walk hundreds of km if they beat Italy

Italy will host Albania Friday night, at a crucial game for the Russia 2018 World Cup qualifiers.

It will be a very interesting game considering that some of Albania’s best players play in Seria A and Albanian National Team is directed by Gianni De Biasi, an Italian national who carries Albanian passport too.

At a press conference on Monday, De Biasi said he would be “extremely happy” if Albania would beat Italy, but for “Sky Sport” he went a step further, wowing to make the walk of Santiago, if his side will beat at home the four time World Champions.

The Camino de Santiago, known in English as the Road to Santiago, is the name of pilgrimage to the shrine of Apostle St. James the Great in Spain. The walk which passes through northern Spain is considered to be some 800 km long.

It remains to be seen if Italian coach will keep his promise, but first Albania must triumph against Italy.

Spain and Italy are at the top of Group G with ten points each, followed by Israel with 9 and Albania with 6 points. Macedonia and Lichtenstein have 0 points each after four matches played./

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