For about 1 hour and 30 minutes, the opposition peacefully protested at the “Dëshmorët e Kombit” boulevard against the government.

Party symbols were replaced by the national flag, that of the US and the EU, in the protest that had the slogan “Albania in Europe without the mafia government”.

“Today on Holocaust World Day it is worth recalling Hitler’s ominous saying: How good is it for governments when people do not think! Albanians are defeating fear, overcoming propaganda, ignoring mercenaries. Albanians have realized that justice is not a piece of paper and empty words but a real punishment for the big fishes of crime and corruption”, Basha said.

January 27 for the Democratic Party leader marked the end of the anti-European, anti-European and anti-democratic project, which according to him has installed Prime Minister Rama.

“We want Saimir Tahiri to face the justice, with his MP immunity removed, we want ministers and politicians tied to crime and corruption in jail. We want drug criminals, trafficking in human beings, fines and blackmails in jail. Because we want a government free from crime and the oligarchy”.

The non-negotiable condition for this protest is the dismissal of prime minister Rama.

Opposition protest was accompanied with the critical voices towards Democratic Party leader Basha, including former Democratic MP Astrit Patozi and  former Finance Minister Ridvan Bode.

The opposition protest that held this Saturday ended peacefully and without incidents. Police officers had to intervene only once. In no other case, law enforcement forces did not need to interfere./