Parliament sent on Tuesday to the Presidency, for the second time, the bill for theater demolition with the amendments made at the plenary session on September 20.

The majority, which adopted the law, says it is the same, despite the changes that have been made to it. Sources from the majority say that the law was sent by the Assembly, the head of state, for proclamation as the Constitution provides.

But the amendment to the law has opened up a new debate. The opposition, since its approval in the Productive Activities Committee, described this step of the Socialists as unconstitutional. According to her, presidential decrees are accepted or downplayed and cannot be amended.

In cases where the declarations are accepted as happened to the Law on Theater, Democrats say the law in question becomes nil. They say that with the amendments that are considered a new law, which according to the Constitution gives the president the right to return it to the Assembly for reconsideration.

But many other sources told TV Klan that the president once expressed the law in question to the head of state could only refer to Article 85 of the Constitution for the Law on Theater, which provides that the President of the Republic has right to return the law for reconsideration only once.

In this case, say the same sources, the Head of State has two ways to either decree or approve in silence. However, the last word is President Meta, who has 20 days to say about the amended law of the theater./