The American Chamber of Commerce is against the denouncement of concession contracts and the seizure of business assets by the government.

Mark Crawford, president of this chamber, says in an interview for Klan Television that the anti-mafia platform presented several days ago by Democrats frightens foreign investors. Crawford says that if there are specific indices for a business, it is good that the case be denounced and judged by justice, but punishment should not be grouped for everyone.

“If there are specific cases it is normal to investigate this case, if it is political, when translated into English, investors are afraid because they think they will drop concessions at the time they have made certain parties in power. That’s a bad thing”.

The American Chamber itself has affiliated businesses working with the business community list published by the Democratic Party, and this is what Crawford does not help in the investment climate.

“The Chamber has over 200 members and some of them have shareholders who are associated with persons who may be on that list. If the member is not affiliated with the business. Whether these are political statements is normal, but more than that, they do not help the investment climate”.

But does the American Chamber believe in the action of the Democratic Party in the case that it will come to power, or are it just political statements?

“Normally it’s a mix, maybe there are details we do not know, but they have to come to power and investigate problems”.

On Monday, the Democratic Party listed a number of businessmen names and concession contracts received from their companies as illegal and at the expense of the state budget warning their demolition and confiscation when it came to power./