Mafia-type murders, police raid in Shkodra city

Mafia-type murders, police raid in Shkodra city

17:01 05/09/2018

State Police held today early morning a raid in Shkodra city specifically in Dobraç and Kiras neighborhoods. Hundred police officers, including local police assisted by 10 armored vehicles, searched the apartments and businesses premises.

The raid included also several hotels on the outskirts of the city as it is suspected the criminals might be hiding in these areas.

According to the police data, about 20 people have been detained and several vehicles have been seized. Police action follows mafia murders committed in the northern city over the past two months.

From 18 June in Shkodra there have been 5 mafia-type crimes, whose perpetrators are not known. Mehdi Kavaja was shot with a bullet in his head at his service. On July 15, former police officer Boran Bërcanja and his partner Silvia Ndocaj were executed in their car while their 1-year old son was present.

On August 10th in Kiras was Fatbardh Lici was shot dead while on September 1st businessman Arian Ferracaku was killed while doing horse-riding./ 
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