Mayor Donates the “City Key” to Rita Ora

Mayor Donates the “City Key” to Rita Ora

13:57 04/06/2018

The Mayor of Tirana, Erjon Veliaj, hosted on Sunday in a special meeting the Albanian renowned singer,  Rita Ora.

He expressed gratitude to the singer, for the good image she represents for Albania, inspiring the young generation and donated her “City Key”, as the symbol of Tirana’s friends.

“By giving someone the City Key, we give you the highest appreciation. We are not rich, but we try to give everything we have as a sign of respect, so giving the Key of Tirana means we appreciate you very much”,

Veliaj said.

Rita Ora thanked the mayor for the hospitality and praised the change through which Tirana is undergoing.

“I think Tirana is on its way to an incredible success. With the power and opportunities I have, I will make the world aware of this. I think we are on the right track, this city got the best energy. From the last time I was here, no doubt the energy has changed, you feel alive, friendly, liked and very positive. I feel very good to be part of this”

, she said./ 
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