Political vetting, DP announces the initiative for constitutional changes

The Democratic Party has proposed the initiative to carry out political vetting through constitutional changes. Opposition’s leader Basha says political vetting is essential because of the government’s criminal connections. Through this initiative, the Democratic Party intends to cleanse the politics from the incriminated politicians.

According to Lulzim Basha, there are four objectives to be achieved through this platform:

1 – Complete decriminalization through vetting.

2 – Liberation of justice captured from politics in function of Edi Rama’s  co-governance with crime

3 – Free and fair elections

4 – An economy freed from monopolies, oligarchs and government corruption, in function of the welfare of citizens.

“Our decision is to end a political elite linked to crime and to bring crime-related politicians first and foremost out of the institutions, and then to a reformed justice and not to justice,” Basha said.

“Rama is with the crime, we are with the people,” he emphasized./tvklan.al 

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