Shooting against the house of Albanian journalist Lala

Shooting against the house of Albanian journalist Lala

16:32 30/08/2018

Unidentified people opened fire on the address of the black chronicle journalist, Klodiana Lala.

Tirana police says the incident occurred in the early hours of Thursday’morning at the “Bruk” neighborhood on "Shkëndija" street  in capital Tirana.

During the event inside the house were eight persons, the parents of Lala and her brother and her two young daughters, ABC News reports.

Fortunately no one was injured except material damages.

The perpetrators shot from an automatic type “Kalashnikov” the apartment walls and then walked away. Tirana Police has launched investigations.

The journalist herself, reacted through a post on social networks, saying she and her family have no personal conflicts, but she suspects this is a warning message against her.

“Dear friends! I am writing on my behalf and my family’s. We are good, none of us has been injured. However, we are shocked by the event. While letting the institutions do their job, I assure you that I and my family do not have any personal conflict. I suspect that the attack comes as a result of my work as a journalist. I have practiced this profession with integrity and professionally over the years, and will continue it with the same dedication, regardless of everything. I would like to thank the Minister of Interior and State Police for their efforts to investigate the even. I am grateful to each of you who is beside me in these moments”

, Lala said./ 

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